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The Best of Digital Marketing from Around the Web 1/18/2019

Our experts are here to bring you the latest news going on in the digital marketing world. For this week’s edition, we focus on a range of topics from boosting conversion rates to handcrafting your SEO. Read more to catch up with the best of digital marketing from around the web!

How to Get Started with Remarketing on Google Ads & Facebook

Revisiting your online marketing strategies is critical to developing a successful online marketing campaign. Find out how to get started remarketing and retargeting on Google Ads & Facebook to strengthen your marketing strategy.

How Keyword Research Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

Keyword Intent is the most important component and reason behind doing keyword research. Reviewing keywords based on intent can help digital marketers fix conversion issues. Read more on how keyword research will boost your conversion rates and improve your SEO efforts.  

13 Important SEO KPIs You Need to Know

If you want your site to get noticed by search engines, you need to produce great content. As a digital marketer, it is important to understand the link between SEO and content marketing. Learn more about the important key performance indicators you should know when it comes to SEO.

How Handcrafted SEO Can Generate More Sales

SEO is a great way to generate traffic to your site and optimize conversion rates. Having a solid SEO strategy is critical to your company’s success in producing sales. Find out how handcrafting your SEO strategies can help generate more sales.

How to Scale Your Social Media Marketing to Build Traffic and Leads

Social media outlets are one of the best tools for digital marketers to build traffic and leads for clients’ websites. When using social media platforms, keep in mind that some sort of automating/scaling needs to be involved to maximize your social media marketing efforts.

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