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The Best of Digital Marketing Around the Web 4/8/2019

What better way to kick off the first week of April than a digital marketing weekly roundup? This week we bring you some of the best insights from digital marketing experts from around the web. From finding local competitors to content marketing tips, this week’s roundup will help fine-tune your digital marketing skills in no time! Read more to learn about the latest in digital marketing.

How to Find Your True Local Competitors

Competitor research in digital marketing can help differentiate your brand. Having a 360 view of who your company’s competitors are can improve your SEO efforts. Find out how you can identify who your true local competitors are.

3 Analytics Tools That Help Measure Your Marketing Results

You’ve put time and effort into developing and implementing your digital marketing strategy, but how do you know if your efforts are working? Read more to find out how these three analytics tools can measure your strategy’s success.

7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Retargeting Ad Campaigns

Retargeting your ad campaigns can help produce conversations out of the traffic you are getting to your website. Find out how you can easily improve your retargeting ad campaigns with these 7 tips.

The Ultimate Round-Up of Content Marketing Tips

Content marketing improves your conversation rates and allows you to connect with your site’s users. There are many different approaches in developing a successful content marketing strategy, so choosing one can be difficult. Here’s an ultimate guide to the best content marketing tips you should employ.

How the SEMrush Link Building Tool Can Help You: Tips and Tricks

The SEMrush link-building tool can make your link-building efforts so much easier and beneficial to the success of your SEO efforts. Read more to find out what this tool has to offer and how to use it most effectively.

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