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SEO Link Building: How to use Competitive Linking Tactics

The internet is now the home of brand recognition.  The great majority of brand and product information is compiled from internet searches.  In order to grow your brand presence it is crucial to leverage your brand online.  In today’s blog we are going to explain several tactics to incorporate successful link-building into your business strategy and how to get the best brand mentions.

Tactic #1: Where to Look for Mention Links

When it comes to mention links, finding the right site can be tricky.  There are tons of spam sites out there that you do NOT want linked to your business.  It is important to do thoroughresearch to find the right niche for your business.  That being said, also look into more specific and related fields.  There are multiple tools and advanced search commands that can be used to help you in this process.  Read more about how to do this successfully here: Guide to Using Unlinked Brand Mentions For Link Acquisition

Tactic #2: Monitor Your Brand Mentions

It is important to keep track of what is being said about your brand online to better leverage your business. Here are a few of the benefits:

First, when tracking your brand mentions you will be able to gain real-time feedback.  This is strictly organic, and honest feedback from users.  Nonetheless, this will allow you to see what you are doing well in your marketing, and what needs improvement.   

Second, you will gain a better understanding of your consumers.  You can see firsthand how your consumers engage with your product or service.  You can discover a lot of complaints or compliments regarding your brand that you were previously unaware of.  There is nothing better than this organic information because it is unbiased.  Learn more about this here; Leveraging Brand Mentions for Marketing & Links.

Tactic #3: Promote Your Business

After doing all of this research and monitoring you will likely find out a lot of information about your consumers.  To use this to your advantage, it is now time to find social influencers and brand ambassadors.  A growing trend in 2018 is to promote your business through influencer marketing.  With the exponential growth in social media, there is no better way to get brand recognition than from social media users with large followings.  It has been proven to yield successful results because there is trust between social media users and the influencer.  If their audience sees them using the product or service there is a high chance they will also give it a try.  Learn more about this tactic here; Top 8 Influencer Trends for 2018

We hope this blog helped you better understand leveraging your brand mentions and links online.  Improve your SEO with the help of Robb Digital.  Contact Us Today!

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