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How to Optimize Your Old Content to Build More Organic Search Traffic

When it comes to creating content, one of the most common goals is to increase traffic to a site. No matter how refined your SEO strategy may be, search engines remain unpredictable. Creating content takes a lot of time and hard work and it’s often frustrating when search engines do not rank your content favorably high. Your efforts do not have to go unnoticed. Here are some tips on how you can revamp your existing content to build more organic search traffic to your site.

Choose the Best Pages to Modify

Every blog on your site does not need to be re-optimized. You can use Google Analytics to help you choose between blogs that are or are not worthy of revisions. Using Google Analytics, you can tell which blogs are receiving the most organic traffic from Google. In other words, you will be able to see the results of which blogs users are viewing the most. These top-ranked pages are the ones you should be focused on when you are re-optimizing.

Editing Old Blogs

Now that you’ve located the most popular pages found on your site, you should focus on editing this content strategically to be picked up by search engines. While editing your top blogs, you can boost the word count and include additional keywords to increase organic traffic. Keep in mind that the content you add should also be adding value for users.

When deciding which additional keywords to add to your blogs, it is beneficial to use SEMrush to help find keywords with a high search volume. SEMrush results will show you the top-ranked keywords which you should focus on while re-optimizing your content. Based on the top keywords ranked on your page, you can target similar keyword strings to increase traffic. Adding similar long-tail keywords will not only help improve your blog’s ranking, but it helps increase keyword density and word count.

Keep an Eye on Edited Posts

The final step is to monitor your old blog posts that you’ve decided to edit and re-optimize. Monitoring your results is an important component of any content marketing strategy. Keeping an eye on your edited posts can help give you an idea of what worked and what didn’t for the future. The best way to keep track of your results is to use SEMrush and Google Analytics to see how your website rankings and organic search traffic have improved.

Content optimization takes a lot of time and research but can benefit your business in the long run. By simply modifying your previous blog posts, you can help increase your organic search traffic and overall site ranking. If you are in need of expert advice on how to improve your SEO strategy, the Robb Digital team is here to help!  Contact us today.

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