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Best Of Digital Marketing Around the Web 6/21/19

The digital world can be mundane and maybe a bit tedious if creativity and engagement are not fostered and utilized properly. Even huge brands like Pizza Hut, Oreo, and Bud Light are channeling their inner creativity to better engage with consumers. The world of “digital” is not solely marketing and analytics; it is about uniquely interacting with each consumer so they feel important and fall in love with your product/service.

This week, you will learn how many customers actually want to be directly contacted and whether you should use email or text message. We also share articles that discuss how to engage with customers effectively and how huge brands are doing so.

How Brands are Injecting Creativity into Digital

Don’t let the analytics of digital data keep you from including creativity in your digital plan! Consumer interaction is a vital part of business these days, and this article discusses large brands like Pizza Hut and Oreo and how they are defining creativity in digital to get people talking.

How Footwear’s Largest Trade Shows Are Adapting to an Uncertain Climate

Multiple industries are taking a hit, especially the footwear industry, which is facing huge changes and challenges. Many in this industry have plans to help their brands and buyers better connect through the use of social media. To validate this issue, one director states, “They need to offer the consumer something they do not already own and that they cannot easily find on the internet for a lower price.” To do this, brands need to deepen engagement by promoting unique stories, inviting interaction, and creating a personal approach by sharing inspirational stories.

Bud Light revives ‘90s ad series and brews music-infused beer on Twitch

Bud Light is brewing a special batch of “Gloria Brew” to celebrate the first championship of the NHL St.Louis Blues. Talk about a unique tactic to reach consumers! In addition, they are taking a nostalgic approach to engage with consumers that enjoyed their products from that time period! Both creative and engaging.

Recent Marketing Trends Are Changing Consumers Expectations from Brands (infographic)

You can be creative with your marketing tactics, but how do you actually reach the consumer? This article discusses how comfortable consumers are with providing their personal information and how they want to be reached. You may be surprised at how high the number of consumers who do not want to be contacted via text message is.

The Guide to On-Page SEO in 2019

Aside from creativity, you can also control your on-page SEO. Hubspot does a great job in this article, explaining what on-page SEO is, why it is important, the different elements, and more! Click the link to find out these best practices.

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