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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 7-14-2017

Businesses experience peaks and valleys throughout the fiscal year. Having a successful marketing strategy can help you have more peaks than valleys. This week we’re sharing tips on everything from writing blog intros, to gaining traffic using Reddit and ethically destroying your competition’s rankings to help your business grow.

How to Write an Introduction: A Simplified Guide
Ever try to begin a new writing piece and find yourself staring blankly at the computer not knowing where to start? Read this blog for a simple guide to help you write a solid introduction without hesitation. Not only will your introduction reel in your audience, but you’ll also save time and effort.

How to Use Reddit to Get More Traffic and Build Your Tribe
Reddit is undoubtedly one of the most unique social networks out there. Because of this, it may be hard to figure out exactly how you can use it to your advantage. This blog will teach you how you can grow your following and increase traffic using Reddit.

A Complete Guide to SEO-Friendly WordPress URLs
One of the simplest ways to improve your SEO is to create SEO-friendly URLs. Check out this Search Engine Journal blog post for a step-by-step on how to make WordPress URLs that your visitors will value.

9 Ethical Ways to Bury Your Competitor’s SEO
There are tons of ways to manipulate your competitor’s digital marketing strategy, however, not many of those tactics are utilized in an ethical manner. Neil Patel provides ways to ethically interfere with your competitor’s SEO while improving your own site. Take a look at his blog to find out more.

4 Ways to Drive Instagram Traffic To Your Website
Being the prominent social networking platform that it is, Instagram provides several ways to drive traffic to your site. Be sure to check out this article to learn how Instagram can earn you a larger audience.

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