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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 7-08-16

Check out our latest list of the best digital marketing content from around the web. There are always large amounts of digital marketing content on the web, and it can be time consuming to find what you are looking for. We have taken care of the leg work for you.

33 percent of internet users will be ad blocking by next year

Next year 70 million people will us ad blocker and that number will keep on growing the next few years. The trick to get consumers not to block your ad? “Deliver better ad experiences.” In order to have better ad experiences the main components are better quality and higher speed.

Quick Fixes of 5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Burying the lead, producing scattershot content, falling to follow up, and more. These email marketing mistakes have quick fixes. You’re never going to succeed in getting 100% open rate, but if the message doesn’t grab the reader’s attention the email is pointless. In order to create the perfect lead, imagine you have 15 seconds to explain what the email is about. There it is!

How smaller brands can maximise mobile strategy

Mobile channels are now crucial to businesses in the digital world we live in today. Brands must use a people-centric approach to get mobile demand. Step into a customer’s shoes and figure out how they want to buy and what attracts them. Another key tool for your brand’s mobile strategy is Apps. Apps are taking over and they make everything a whole lot easier for consumers.

YouTube adds mobile live-streaming to catch up to Facebook, Periscope

YouTube has had a live stream feature since 2011, but the site claims their live stream is faster and more reliable than it’s competitors such as Twitter and Facebook. Where Facebook has some flaws such as its capability of live streaming interviews (Hint: Facebook Live failed to stream an interview with President Obama). YouTube states they’re the platform to broadcast from.

Android “Nearby” uses beacons to push apps and sites relevant to user location

Android has just dropped a new feature for their smartphones that automatically notify its users of possible relevant and useful apps and sites correlated to their current location. This is a way that developers can ultimately engage users and draw business in. A drawback of the feature would be the resistance people have towards notifications.

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