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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 1-26-18

The end of the week is here and we’re excited to share with you the latest news that has come up in the digital marketing world. Staying active and up to date with trends can enhance the way your business runs. Take a look at these articles that include content distribution strategies, SEO predictions, email marketing, and more.

5 content distribution strategies for 2018:

You should always choose quality over quantity. If you are going to be blasting out content on your site without a content distribution strategy, it’s going to get lost within your site! Create a content distribution strategy and you can do a lot more with the content you already have. Here is a list of steps to solidify content distribution strategies for 2018.

The Complete Guide to Google Analytics Campaign Tracking:

Being able to track your progress for your business is essential to growth. Understanding your analytics can give you the power to change or keep what is working and what is not. Google Analytics can help you with tracking visitors, getting a close audience input, and creating goals to regulate which site visitors are taking action. These strategies will push business forward and give you an organized solution to becoming better everyday.

How to Bridge the Gap Between Email Marketers and Email Subscribers in 2018:

Don’t let your business emails get overlooked! If your looking to run a successful email marketing campaign, it’s important to know exactly what your audience is looking for. Let this article guide you to make more conscious decisions about your email campaigns, creating solid subject lines, sending the right content, and even email frequency and send time.

How to Use Twitter to Increase Search Engine Rankings

Twitter is a great platform to promote your brand by allowing you to build a following and gain the attention you need to boost brand awareness. Twitter ads are a great way to gain visibility, generate leads, and grow your audience. The platform offers an array of strategic ways to promote your brand without the use of traditional ads through tools such as hashtags, tweets, and accounts that you can tailor to appeal to your target audience. This article will explain tips and tricks to make the most out of your Twitter account.

How to Write Instagram Captions That Drive Engagement:

Instagram is one of the pillars of social media that all businesses should know how to use. This app has had a rapid growth over the years and it’s time to understand exactly how to attract the most presence by your Instagram captions. Read this blog for a few tips and tricks can boost your Instagram presence and go a long way for your business.

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