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AdWords is Now Google Ads

If you are a frequent Google AdWords user, you might have noticed that on July 24th, 2018 Google AdWords changed over to a new branded platform  “Google Ads”. So what does this mean? What other changes are coming up? Let’s discuss those changes in this blog.

Google Ads will offer the same features as before including:

  • Search Network
  • Video
  • Display Network

The new changes will not affect campaign performance, reporting, or navigation. This new brand will help businesses find everything they loved about Google AdWords, by adding some new tools to make the advertising process more seamless.

Google has released three new “brands” to work with:

  • Google Marketing Platform: This brand is basically a DoubleClick advertiser network and Google Analytics 360 mixed into one. This was done in order to help you plan, buy, measure and optimize digital media and customer experiences in one place.
  • Google Ads: In addition to the features mentioned above, there are also some added new features like automation and machine learning that will be bigger functions.
  • Google Ad Manager: This new feature will allow you to access more advertisers, deliver smarter, faster results, and eventually help earn more revenue. It is a combination of the Google tools we already know and love; DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers.

Along with these new brands, Google has also given the digital world some new exciting features mentioned below:

  • Audience Management: An audience management section allows you to manage all of your audiences in one place.
  • Promotion Extensions: These are ad-based extensions that allow you to show, advertise, and link to specific promotion-based offers in your search network ads.
  • Demographic Targeting: The demographic targeting option is a search network feature that will play an important role in creating campaigns dedicated to the holidays and major shopping events.
  • Smart Campaigns: Although this is not a brand new feature, this is an improved version of what you might know as AdWords Express. This feature allows advertisers to “create ads in minutes and drive real results- like making your phone ring, sending leads to your website, and bringing customers to your store. This feature is best used for small companies with a lower budget.
  • New Responsive Search Ads: The new responsive search ads are 300 characters max, almost half as large as ETAs (Expanded Text Ads), and according to Google, these ads get 15% more clicks. Just by writing 15 different headlines and 4 different descriptions, Google will automatically test and optimize 43,680 different variations of your message.

Google Ads still has many new updates and features on the way and this is an exciting time for advertisers. Want to learn more about Google Ads and how can it help your business grow? Contact Robb Digital and we will love to discuss your questions and concerns on digital marketing!

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