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How to Advertise Your Business on Instagram

Instagram has over 800 million active users every day. It has grown to become a worldwide platform for business. Advertising your business on Instagram can give you a wider audience of such a wide range, and can propel your business upward. Here are a few reasons why Robb Digital uses Instagram to grow the business.

Participating, Acting, and Engaging-

Instagram is a great platform to get your audience to engage with your business, and for you to interact with others! Follow other influencers and businesses, collaborate with another business, talk to your audience via comments; you can even do giveaways to really get your audience excited about your business!

Targeting Capabilities-

Using Instagram to target a specific audience will gear your ads for the right people. Instagram uses a special technique where you can target your ads to a specific audience only, with the content only showing on people’s timelines who are highly likely to engage with the item.

User Experience With Advertising-

Instagram has a few ways to post ads for your business. You can create picture ads with templates like a single image, carousel, a single video, or even a slideshow of videos and pictures. Give your Instagram ad a description, a location, and a call to action banner to engage your audience. There are a number of editing apps to create the best-looking advertisement on Instagram. Some popular editing apps you can choose from are Adobe Photoshop Express, AutoDesk Pixlr, and Flickr! All of these apps are readily available to IOS, Windows, and Androids.

Your Followers are Your Best Friends-

You want to give your Instagram followers the best ads they’ve ever seen! Make sure to understand your followers and know who you’re creating these ads for. Use trending topics that your audience will relate to. Additionally, use hashtags to help your ads get found through hashtag searches.

Instagram is still growing and changing for businesses’ all around. Engage with your followers, target your audience, create a positive user experience, and show love to your followers! Advertising on Instagram for your business will help your company grow and increase your audience. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, @reachsolstice, so you never miss anything from us!

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