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6 Link Building Tactics That Work for Small Businesses

Link building can be challenging, especially for smaller businesses. As a small company, it is not as easy to attract links that may come easier to a larger company with a well-known brand. But, don’t let the size of your company discourage you. With a little time and effort, these tips will help you effectively build links no matter the size of your organization!

  1. Support Other Local Businesses
    Charities and nonprofits are always looking for support from other local businesses and sponsors. Sponsorships are a great way to produce backlinks to your company’s site. Find sponsorships that make sense to your company’s brand for the greatest amount of links.
  2. Network with Local Bloggers
    Networking with local and niche bloggers is a great way to improve your company’s link-building efforts. Research who are the most popular bloggers in your area and connect with them to create a profitable relationship. Bloggers want to create content that is most useful to their readers and their niche focus can be extremely beneficial for some businesses.
  3. Sponsor Local Organizations
    Sponsoring other local organizations is not only a great way to give back but a perfect way to improve link building. Similar to supporting local businesses, providing scholarships can help create backlinks to your company’s page. Once a winner is selected, you can write a press release that will also establish additional coverage and backlinks.
  4. Use Guest Blogging for Relevant Industries
    Guest blogging takes the most effort out of all the tactics, but the return on efforts is well worthwhile. Not only does guest blogging provide backlinks, but it also generates quality traffic to your site and establishes brand status.
  5. Reclaim Unlinked Mentions
    Reclaiming unlinked mentions is an extremely easy tactic that should be a part of your link-building strategy. The best way to reclaim unlinked mentions is to set up free Google Alerts that notifies you whenever a website mentions you. Review every mention that your company gets and reach out to websites that mention you without using a link.
  6. Promote Your Content
    While promoting your own content may sound self-explanatory, it is often underutilized by businesses both large and small. Get the most links out of your blog posts by utilizing websites that allow you to syndicate your posts. Larger sites such as LinkedIn will allow for your target keywords to rank higher than solely being published on your own site.

Link building can work really well for small businesses if the appropriate steps are taken to maximize efforts and produce success. Keep these strategies in mind when you decide where to invest your time and money when link building. Contact Robb Digital Marketing team today to learn more about how Instagram can help grow your business. We do social media marketing and social ads on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for our clients.

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