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5 Mistakes Small Business Make Online

Small business owners are busy, busy, busy. They are focusing on all different aspects of their business…so it is expected that mistakes are made. However, one area that mistakes cannot be made is online. Here are five mistakes that small business owners make online that they should avoid.

Not having a clear and concise domain. The domain is essential to your marketing strategy. Once you have decided the name of your business, it is imperative to buy a domain that is clear and concise. Not only are you claiming a domain as a web address, but also a channel to communicate your brand. This is so simple and commonly used. Many big brands use this tactic today. Having a strong domain can allow the basis of many of your web campaigns.

Not having a website. It’s impossible to have a business and not have a website, especially in this digital world. There are many free website builders like Weebly or WordPress that you can use to build your own website. Having a website allows customers to research you and learn more about you. It also is a way for customers to contact and connect with you. Start small and build just a couple of pages and slowly expand. When the time comes, you can hire a digital marketing agency to help build the website and take it to the next level.

Building a website and then forgetting about it. Nothing is worse than spending the time, energy, effort, and money on building the website to just leave it halfway finished or never published. Some people give up building a website, but for small business owners, a website is essential to their success.

Using free email providers as your company email. In addition to your domain being more than your website, it also is your business’s online identity for custom email addresses. Having a company email address that uses your domain name comes across as much more professional and credible. For example [email protected] rather than [email protected]. While it may be a small price to pay for the domain email address, it goes a long way.

Not using social media. Social media is very essential in this digital world today. It allows you to connect with your audience on different platforms. Not only can you connect to your audience in different ways, but also it allows you to reach different demographics. Studies show that different age groups tend to use certain social media platforms more than others. By honing in specifically on social media, you can also hone in on different target audiences.

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