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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 7/6/2018

Happy Independence Day! If you were born in America or live there now, this week is the perfect occasion to celebrate the country in all its glory. This week here at Robb Digital our experts brought together the best from around the web with a Fourth of July twist! Learn more about the best ways to market on Instagram stories, and the top Google Independence Day searches!

9 Tips to Create Highly Engaging Content

Anyone can produce and share content, but without purpose, that content is not effective. When marketing content, it is important to consider the main goals of your marketing strategy. Who is your audience? What is engaging? These 9 tips can help you produce eye-catching content, publish helpful information, and mix up your content!

Google Highlights Top Independence Day Searches

Happy Independence Day! This article highlights the top Independence Day searches. Designed as a map of the United States, the interactive Google Doodle allows users to click through to discover the top recipes people are searching for in a particular state. These trends include the top “how to” searches, top searches of fireworks, and everything in between!

How to Use Instagram Stories to Drive Traffic to an Opt-In Form

Wondering how to generate email leads with an Instagram story? In this article, you’ll discover a step-by-step plan to drive traffic to your opt-in form using Instagram Stories. This article offers 4 different ways to use Instagram to your advantage. Learn to target personas with Instagram story ads as well as optimizing story content with CTA links and location stickers!

The best social media stories & campaigns from June 2018

This article has a great recap of all social media stories and campaigns from the month of June! From Mastercard’s controversial World Cup Campaign to Instagram’s new innovative IGTV, the digital marketing world continues to expand and change. This article has everything and more about eye-catching campaigns you might have missed this past month.

20 Ways to Reduce Your High Website Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is generally analyzed to provide insight into how a site’s overall user experience is. Are you struggling with a high bounce rate? Are you getting traffic to your site but having a hard time keeping users engaged? This article has 20 ways to reduce your high website bounce rate!

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