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The Best of Digital Marketing Around the Web 5/24/2019

What better way is there to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend than the best digital marketing insights around the web! This week we bring to you a number of topics including Facebook updates, SEO reporting techniques, technical SEO strategies, and more. Enjoy this Memorial Day Weekend by learning more about these topics and improving your digital marketing skills.

Facebook is Making a Change That’ll Make it Less Creepy, and it’s Bad News for Advertisers

Facebook’s latest tool is allowing users to stop Facebook from tracking their online activity on other websites. What will this mean for advertisers? Read more to find out how Facebook’s latest tool is going to affect how advertisers target their ad campaigns.

7 Proven SEO Reporting Best Practices That Boost Client Retention

Creating SEO reports is a great way to communicate how clients’ campaigns are doing. SEO reporting can also be used as a tool to boost client retention rates. When reporting is done properly, we can express our value and retain more clients. Read more to find out how you can successfully create SEO reports and boost your client retention rates.

The Technical SEO Hierarchy of Needs

The most successful websites are those that meet the technical SEO hierarchy of needs. Search engines look for these five different levels of the pyramid to determine which websites are considered valuable. Read more to understand the foundations of technical SEO and how you can improve your strategy.

How to Use Heading Tags to Get More Search Engine Traffic

Whether you realize it or not, heading tags do play a role in your search ranking. Heading tags make it easier for search engines to read through the content you are posting to your site. Without these tags, search engines will consider all of the text on your site as having the same face value which can affect your rankings. Read more to find out how you can use heading tags to get more search engine traffic.

Facebook Ad Relevance Score Updates: What Marketers Need to Know

Facebook’s relevance score assesses how well your ad is performing based on your target audience. Facebook is adding three ad relevance diagnostics that can guide you in the right direction of where to make improvements in your ad strategy. Read on to find out more about the latest Facebook ad relevance score updates and what it means for digital marketers.

The digital marketing world is constantly adapting and evolving. Our expert team is here to help you keep up with the latest digital marketing trends with our integrated digital marketing agency services. Contact us today to find out how the Robb Digital team can help you develop a strategy that works.

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