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Team Spotlight: Tamara Robb – Owner and Founder of Robb Digital Marketing

Robb Digital Marketing is commited to offering personal service that is the opposite of the standard cookie-cutter model. We have decided to give you a closer look into each of our team members with this series of blog posts.

In our first team spotlight we turn the spotlight on Tamara Robb, Robb Digital Owner and Founder.

Tamara Robb

Tell us more about what you do here…

I am the Owner and Founder of Robb Digital. My main responsibilities as the head of the company are marketing strategy, new business development, business administration, account management and staff supervision. I try to bring creativity and passion to everything I do. Most clients say that my approach is honest and personal.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I am pretty simple at heart. I love to cook, watch TV, read my Kindle and go on day trips with my husband to New Hope, Philly, Montclair, Princeton, Hoboken, etc.

If you could live in any time in history, what would it be?
1960s. I think I would have loved to live in a decade when people were so passionate about things.

What is your favorite TV show?

Right now we are watching Dexter on Netflix and we are completely captivated.

What is the favorite place you have visited? What was special about it?
Florence Italy. The real question is, what isn’t special about it? The food, the sites, the art, the people. It is an amazingly romantic place.

What is your favorite social media platform or tool?
Facebook. I have so much fun staying in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

Who or what would you want to have with you on a deserted island?
My husband Dean. If I could bring my pets that would be great too.

What superpower would you like to have?
Mind reading. I always wish I knew what people are thinking. I think it would probably be a case of “Be careful what you wish for” though!

Visit our team page to learn more about Tamara and the rest of the Robb Digital Team.
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