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Social Media Advertising Case Study

Fashion Sales Spike for a Luxury Apparel Brand

One of Robb Digital’s clients, a luxury designer apparel company for men and women, wanted to expand their advertising platform to increase online sales. At that time, we were delivering great results in Google Ads for them. The brand has a luxury lifestyle and premium sports positioning. And let’s just say that purchasing their merchandise would qualify as a splurge to your average online buyer.


For their niche in the market, we knew not to squander their budget on clicks and impressions that were just not going to convert. It was very important to target the right audience to get the maximum Return on Ad Spending (ROAS).


After several brainstorming sessions, the Robb Digital SEM team came up with a creative strategy. We honed in on the Facebook campaigns to solely focus on people who have interest or have shown interest before in luxury lifestyles, brands and luxury living. We also targeted people based on their income. This allowed us to show our ads to people who were more qualified and likely to engage with this brand.


The results were outstanding. We spent only $5,429.13 which translated to $43,711.00 in sales for the first 6 months. The cost-per-click was only $0.48 and the cost-per-conversion was $25.25. The ROAS was a cool $8.05 (meaning: for each dollar spent, we earned $8.05).

“Working with (Robb Digital) has been a game-changer for our business. Within 6 months our return on investment went through the roof.”
–D. Feiner, Director of eCommerce, J.Lindeberg
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