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How to Market Your Brand Without Annoying Your Customers

Getting your brand noticed by customers is quite challenging. In order to build your brand, you’re going to need a good amount of exposure and repetition. But how do you achieve this without being excessive and annoying to your customers? As a digital marketing agency, we’re often presented with this challenge, too. That’s why we’ve gathered this list to help you market your business without annoying your customers.  

Know your channel

Marketers often fail to acknowledge the difference in channels when relaying information to customers. Posting the same exact message throughout all social media platforms and forms of direct mail is in no way effective. It seems impersonal to the customer and discourages them from supporting your brand. Don’t forget that what may be an acceptable Twitter post may not be the best for Facebook or Instagram.

Focus on what your customer wants

Customers are a business’s fuel; so, it is essential to keep them satisfied. People do not want to be bombarded with ten emails a day.  It becomes intrusive and irritating and can communicate a lack of respect. Instead, limit your mass email quantities. Send promotions and important news, but stay away from sending content customers may not find valuable.

Limit your information

Don’t write an essay. Customers want to be able to digest information quickly.  Try to condense your messages so you can relay the same information as intended, without customers having to read a lot of copy.  

Change up your message content

People tend to believe that repeated exposure to the same message is more likely to garner a response than if the message was only conveyed once. However, it has been found that this tactic elicits the opposite reaction in customers. When they see a message, the value of that message decreases as exposure increases.

Switch it up

Sticking to one main channel may become monotonous to your customer, potentially driving them away.  A great way to engage your customers is by changing up your channels. If you feel you’ve been focusing too much on email marketing, try using Twitter more to connect with your following.  There are endless options, and it’s your job to use them to your advantage.

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