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Google is Killing Hangouts On Air with YouTube Live

Google recently launched their new video calling app Duo. With the launch of the new app, they announced that on September 12th, they will be discontinuing Google+ Hangouts On Air and pushing users to YouTube Live; and thus, upcoming events will no longer be accepted on Google+. Read Google’s detailed statement on this change here.

Google introduced Hangouts On Air in 2012. Using Hangouts On Air, people were able to record their video conversations. One could initiate a broadcast by opening a Hangout Chat and by selecting the option to record. Once done, Google would automatically upload a public recording to the user’s YouTube channel and add a link to Google+.

Now with the launch of YouTube live streaming in June and with the downfall of Google+ in general, Google has decided to put Hangouts to rest.

So starting next month, users will be prompted to navigate to Live Streaming Events in YouTube Live’s Creator Studio. To set up a broadcast, follow these steps:

  • Go to Live Streaming Events in Creator Studio
  • Click on “New live event”
  • Select a “Quick” or “Custom” event
  • Give a title to your stream
  • Click on “Go live now” or enter in details to schedule your event for later.

Recorded events will continue to be available on YouTube.

So if you’re a celeb reaching out to your fans, a food blogger sharing a new recipe through or a hair artist sharing hair tutorials, Google will let you control your audience for every broadcast. When initiating a new event, choose either one option: public (anyone can see), unlisted (anyone with a link can join), or private (only those invited can join).

The Q&A feature is not currently available on YouTube Live. If you want, Google Slides has a Q&A feature that can be used in a broadcast or you can use social media to gather questions ahead of the event.

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