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How Does Email Marketing Size Up To Social Media Marketing

When people think of digital marketing, they typically think of the internet, social media, and mobile devices. While large and small companies alike chase after these digital channels of marketing, one channel is continuously being forgotten about – email. Below are four reasons why you should consider email marketing amidst the pressure to prioritize social media.

  1. There are 2.9 billion email users worldwide– That is more than double the amount of daily active Facebook and Twitter users combined! Email has been around since the 1970s and became popular early 1990s. With a long history, users have accumulated over the decades, and e-mail is still generating large amounts of traffic today.
  2. Email is the most professional medium– When establishing business relationships among clients or partners, the most common communication method is email. Yes, professional social media platforms like Linkedin are becoming more common, but the numbers prove that not everyone is active yet on those sites. If you are involved in any business-to-business marketing, email should be your number one marketing channel.
  3. Email has a longer shelf life– Facebook and Twitter posts are hit and miss. With users scrolling at all hours of the day, you must predict the right time that your post will reach a large amount of targeted users. Once the post is up, it can easily be missed or scrolled past. With a traditional email, it reaches everyone you are targeting, and users can read the email at their own browsing time. Even if the email is to be lost among other emails, it stays in the user’s inbox, it does not just disappear.
  4. Email marketing is not distracting- Consumers expect to get marketing emails. When they check their email for the day, among other professional emails, they are prepared for offers and marketing-related content. However, when users are on their favorite social media sites, they are expected to chat, share pictures and posts with friends and family.

Email marketing is not a thing of the past. It is more relevant today than ever. The best businesses will find a way to leverage email marketing and social media marketing to optimize results. Robb Digital has extensive experience with both email and social media marketing efforts. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you with diversifying your marketing plan!

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