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How to Create Effective #Hashtags for Your Business

Hashtags are everywhere these days—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others. They are used for everything – weddings, presidential elections, advertisements, etc. Well-designed hashtags can immensely increase your online following and help drive customer engagement. Hashtags can help get your content found and boost your SEO ranking. Here are some tips to help create an effective hashtag for your business.

  1. Be unique. Don’t pick a hashtag that is too vague or too common, otherwise, it won’t stand out. The more unique a hashtag is, the easier it will be to spread. However, you want to make sure you’re not hijacking an existing hashtag. Twitter’s infographic will help you decide if hijacking a hashtag is right for your post. You want your hashtag to stand out. Be creative.
  2. Timing matters. Be sure to understand the context of social media and when the right time to post is and isn’t. If your online presence is small, using a hashtag and giving it time to grow can help increase the hype of the product release or event. However, there is such a thing as an inappropriate time to use certain hashtags. So be sure to understand your audience and the context before putting your hashtag out there.
  3. Be clear. You want to make sure that your followers see the connection between the hashtag and what you are promoting. If it is unclear, your hashtag will not succeed. If it is clear, more followers will catch on and possibly use the hashtag for their personal following audience.
  4. Beware of hidden messages. When using a hashtag, it is connected together and appears as one word. With that said, beware when putting certain words together that inappropriate or unwanted messages do not appear within your hashtag. This can lead to a failure of the hashtag and bad press for your company.
  5. Less is more. You don’t want your hashtag to be too long that people don’t understand what you are trying to promote or say. Keep it short and only to a few words or less. By keeping your hashtags minimal, it will make them more usable especially with Twitter 140 character limit.

Overall, hashtags can help promote a product or event all while increasing brand awareness. By having the right hashtag, you can do great things for your company.

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