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The Best of Digital Marketing from Around the Web 7/16/20

Digital Marketing is one of those industries that thrives on change and welcomes it with open arms. The best digital marketers are the ones who can, on a dime, change their strategies to better suit the rapidly changing business environment and trends. Businesses should always be revisiting and revising their digital marketing strategies to ensure they are proactive within the market and can capitalize on emerging technologies or trends. The following articles are a testament to companies who are doing it right, who are setting the standard for what good digital marketing techniques and strategies should look like, and who are active participants in the ever-changing digital business environment. It is Robb Digital’s hope that you or your business can take these examples and use them in your own ways to reinvent your own business strategies.

What’s Your Purpose? How Brands Must Adapt in the Face of COVID-19

The global pandemic truly has taken the world by storm and as a result, has forced businesses to reevaluate their purpose, their message, and how they are going to set themselves apart from the rest. Consumers have higher expectations than ever before and it should be the goal of all businesses to meet and potentially surpass consumer expectations. This article highlights the actions businesses should consider taking to emerge from this pandemic stronger than ever with a satisfied and loyal customer base.

The Art of Virtual Transformation

The importance of digital marketing, social media, and online content has never been more valuable than in today’s society where consumers are being forced to rely almost entirely on digital services. Many businesses have found themselves floundering, trying to grapple with the new business environment. However, this article highlights how one museum proactively and rapidly pivoted their service to an online experience while also streamlining their digital business operations to better suit the needs of their customers during this time. More than anything, it emphasizes the importance of always having a plan and how going digital is no longer a matter of if you should, it’s a matter of how to effectively implement it. 

16 Effective Techniques To Improve A Company’s Digital Marketing

In recent years, experts have found that internet usage, via both desktop and mobile, has been exponentially increasing and the research shows it looks like it has no plans to stop. All generations, both young and old, now use their electronic devices as a window to the world and it is for this reason that businesses should be prioritizing their digital marketing strategies and campaigns. Read more to discover how your business can improve your digital marketing so that it leaves a positive and long-lasting impact on consumers.

5 Simple Steps to Digitally Transform Your Business

There has never been a more urgent need for superior digital marketing and digital transformation. With social distancing guidelines in place, businesses have been forced to figure out new ways to communicate and engage with their consumers while still maintaining the same quality in their message. Papa Johns, Walgreens, and Planet Fitness are just some of the bigger companies highlighted in this article. Read more to find out how you can digitally transform your business today.

Shifting Home Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies During A Crisis

No other industry has been hit harder than the healthcare industry, in particular the senior healthcare industry. Visiting protocols and procedures for home healthcare providers have drastically changed. With a majority of salespeople and administrators now working from the comfort of their homes, it is recommended they consider new communication strategies and prioritize marketing for referrals. This article highlights several steps to take to adjust your marketing and communications to meet the needs of your prospective clients during this difficult time.

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