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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 9-07-2016

In this list of the best digital marketing content from around the web, you will read some great topics: tips for choosing a domain name for your business, some important SEO tactics you can implement in your WordPress site, whether your webpage should be SEO focused or Conversion focused and some insights into using Google Analytics to strengthen your marketing strategies.

8 Rules for How to Choose a Domain Name
Registering the perfect domain name is an extremely important decision. A good domain can help you build a brand that will stick in your customers’ minds and help define your target market. In this post you will learn some tips for choosing a good domain name for your business.

5 Ways Your Fans Can Help Optimize Your Site for Conversions
User-generated content is the future of content marketing. When a large portion of your audience is happy to create and share content for you, it becomes a conversion-generating machine. They just need to know what you’re looking for. You need to tell them how to help, inspire them to get creative, and watch your conversions climb steadily. Here are some tips on getting your fans involved in optimizing your site for conversions.

16 SEO Tactics You Need to Do To Your WordPress Site Right Now
It’s said that WordPress is the easiest and most SEO-friendly CMS in the world. It takes a lot of work to make WordPress truly SEO-friendly. In this article you will learn some tactics to rank your website higher on SERPs and get more traffic and leads.

How to use Google Analytics audience data to make media and marketing decisions
Marketers who want to better understand their audience, and strengthen their marketing strategy, need to know how to best utilize all of the data available inside Google Analytics. This article talks about the advantages of Google Audience reports and gives some examples on how to use it to drill down into data.

Should My Landing Page Be SEO-Focused, Conversion-Focused, or Both?
What’s more important: drawing in more traffic, or converting the traffic you have? Read this blog and watch the video to decide whether your site should opt for an SEO focus, a conversion focus, or a strategic balance of both.

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