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The Best Of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 6-16-2017

Staying up-to-date with the latest digital marketing blog posts is more important than you may think. Blogs are not only a great way to gain insight on the latest trends, they also provide useful information to help better your business as a whole.  This week we’ve gathered several blog posts that would be especially valuable to you as you grow and improve your business. This weeks blogs include tips for writing catchy blog titles, ways to make your Facebook page visually appealing, social media myths, and more. Don’t forget to share your thoughts by commenting below.

How to Write Catchy Headlines and Blog Titles Your Readers Can’t Resist

Looking for more ways to use entice your readers to view your content? A strong headline can be the main factor deciding your site traffic. This article will teach you all about how to craft the perfect blog titles so that your audience can’t help but to find out more.

How to Make Your Facebook Page Visually Appealing to Your Target Demographic

Facebook is one of the most undeniably popular social media networks in existence today. That being said, it is especially important to design your business’s page so that it is pleasing to the eyes of your target audience. Improving Facebook page design is a great way to increase site traffic and accumulate your following. Check out this article to learn how you can connect with your target demographic to assure continued success.

The Myths and Truths About Social Media

Social media marketers are constantly faced with the challenge of sifting through myths and rumors regarding the work that they do.  Because of this, it is often hard to determine what is right or wrong when it comes to social media. SEMrush set out to expose the reality of social media, and save you from making mistakes based on the current circulating myths. Click the link above to find out more!

How to Make Your Mobile Site Load Faster

With the prevalence of cellular phone and internet usage, it is crucial to master your mobile web presence. The majority of internet usage is done so through mobile devices, so it is important that your website loads fast on mobile devices. In this blog post, Neil Patel shares some tips and tricks to perfect your mobile site speed.  

How to Engage Millennials on Facebook and Instagram

It’s no secret that the millennial generation is one-of-a-kind, having grown up surrounded by electronics and technology. As natives to the digital world, it is often hard for the older generations to gain their interest. Take a look at this article to find out great ways to connect with millennials through Facebook and Instagram.

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