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The Best Of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 3-3-2017

Our “Best of Digital Marketing” blog is back with some great news from the digital marketing world. We want to help you and your business stay up-to-date on the latest marketing trends and have put together our weekly list of digital marketing blogs with some helpful tips. Keep reading to check some helpful Google SEO tips, headline tips and tests, Instagram multi-image posts and more.

Google Gives SEO Tips on How To Handle Day-Long Site Closures

It happens, sometimes you have to shut down your own website for a day or two to update or reconstruct. However, you don’t want to have to give up your hits for views for that day. John Mueller, who is a webmaster trends analyst at Google, explains how webmasters can successfully handle site closures.

6 Common Misconceptions About SEO that Can Hurt Your Digital Marketing

Learning about SEO can be confusing at times, and some tips you’ve heard may not be helping you, but actually hurting you. Here are 6 common misconceptions about SEO that could be damaging your business.

10 Headline Tips and Tests That Need to Leave Your Backburner

Headlines are everything. In this day and age where people are skimming the internet. You want a headline that’s going to reel them in and get them to your website. Check out some tips and tricks that will help you make your headlines stand out.

Instagram Multi-Image Posts: This Week In Social Media

Instagram has introduced something new this week! You can now have multiple photos in one Instagram post. However they’re not only app that has introduced something new with the recent Apple Update. Facebook, Pinterest, and WhatsApp have also decided to enhance their apps. Check out what’s new in the social media world and these popular media platforms!

Want to Know How to Make Influencer Marketing World?

Everyone’s goal is to have their website influence people on the internet to generate more views and bring in clients. Becoming a recognized website is a difficult process, but influence marketing may be able to help you out! This article will give you some background on influence marketing and a three-step process on this tactic and how to use it to benefit your business!

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