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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 12-09-16

It is still 2016, but online marketers are busy planning digital marketing strategies for 2017. We have prepared a great list of articles which can help you plan your strategies for next year. This list includes news about the latest release of WordPress 4.7, SEO tips for 2017, digital marketing trends which are going to continue in 2017, how to use Facebook’s new split testing feature, and how to grow your email list with YouTube ads.

WordPress 4.7 is out, targets new businesses with easier website creation
WordPress is among the most widely used open-source technologies in the world. WordPress 4.7 was released on Dec. 6, providing a new milestone update including new features for both users and developers. It includes the yearly new default theme — Twenty Seventeen — which is focused on business users and offers new features to build a business website from scratch. Learn more about the updates in this article.

3 Proactive SEO Tips to Help Prepare for 2017
Search engine optimization is one of the most dynamic fields out there, and ranking factors are rarely the same day to day and year to year! If you don’t want to get left behind in 2017, you need to take a proactive approach and reformulate your SEO strategy with these best practices in mind.

4 Digital Marketing Trends That Aren’t Going Away In 2017
Digital marketing has gained a lot of popularity this year with large, medium and small-sized businesses creating their online presence and promoting their services and products through numerous social media channels and sites. But what do we expect in the year 2017? In this blog, you will know four digital marketing trends that aren’t going away in 2017.

How to Use the Facebook Ad Split Testing Feature
Facebook ad split testing is necessary to uncover what works and what doesn’t. Up until now, split testing on Facebook has been somewhat complicated. You could create multiple ad sets for different audiences or optimizations and show each the same ad creative. But advertisers could not prevent overlap- a single user seeing the same ad in each ad set. It was also difficult to assure that different ads were shown equally. Facebook’s new split testing feature changes all of that.

How to Grow Your Email List With YouTube Ads
Need to grow your email list? Properly optimized YouTube video ads will help attract people who are interested in what you have to offer. In this article, you’ll discover how to use YouTube ads to grow your email list.

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