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An Agency Girl’s Gratitude List

OK, maybe you have seen enough posts about the “Top 5 Things for Which I Am Thankful.” I totally hear you. But stick with me here, my spin on this is totally professional. Well, mostly professional and an alternative to the typical gratitude post.

First, I am grateful that after 4 years at Rutgers (and a few months extra when I didn’t graduate on time) of virtual cluelessness about what I wanted to be when I grew up, I landed the neatest first job with the Girl Scouts of America. That job was perfect in so many ways including introducing me to a lot of wonderful people, the world of non-profits, and basic event marketing. It was the entry point for me into the marketing career I still have 23 years later.

Next, I feel tremendous gratitude for the people who have been placed in my career path. Back in 1996 Andy Cooper and Ralph Katz hired me as the first employee at an agency which has gone on to become a multiple award winning boutique NYC PR and Communications firm. They saw an entrepreneurial spirit in me before I even knew what that meant, much less that I had one. They are still the most influential men of my 23-year career. And I am still in awe of them both, the successes they have had, the people they have affected and their humility and generosity.

In recent years I have been blessed to have mentors and colleagues to guide me and help me navigate the world of small business ownership with courage and grace. I never thought I would be able to handle some of the challenges I have, and my “pit crew” including Chuck Whelan, Brian Farrell, Kate Curren and Jennifer Wilner have been there to support me when I needed it.

This year Robb Digital celebrated four years of business. However, the last year has been a tremendous one of growth and the production of our highest quality of work. This is all due to my fantastic crew. My full time team includes Jim Napier, Shezan Charania, Armen Stepanyan and our latest arrival, Drashti Patel. They come to work every day ready to hit the ground running, eager to do their best work and passionate about learning the latest way to accomplish it. I couldn’t be more proud and lucky.

Finally, the last four years have given me the opportunity to work with incredible clients. And let’s face it, without them, none of this would be possible. Because of them I am able to do the work that I love, be creative every day, and satisfy my deep need to help others. Every time I hire a new employee I get to explain to them the personalities of my clients and what we do for their account. And each time I shake my head at how blessed and lucky we are to have such kind, open, intelligent and collaborative clients. I can’t thank them all here because of confidentiality, but you know who you are.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

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