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Longtail Keywords and Searcher Diversity

Think about all of the various types of personalities of your potential users that could be searching for you on the web, at any given moment. Each one of these searcher subgroups will potentially be looking for your website, product, or service online in a unique way. Taking note and taking advantage of this factor, can multiply your relevant traffic flow in a plethora of ways.

This searcher diversity requires you to place yourself in the mind of your searcher to accurately predict their potential search queries. Let’s look at this example of search diversity to try to better understand it by seeing it in action.

Let’s say you are trying to build brand awareness for a Men’s Suits line you want to optimize for users that could potentially search:

  • Luxury mens slim-fit suits
  • Mens modern formal clothes
  • men wool suit pants
  • trending mens suit brands… etc.

There are unlimited possibilities, but you’re probably wondering why you should even care to optimize for all that nonsense and just go for a specific target.

Well, you should definitely still always optimize for a specific target, but don’t forget to include other potential visitors. Referring back to the men’s suits instance, an editor from a men’s fashion magazine may be looking for a new company to highlight and could search “trending suit brands.” If you owned a suit company, that ranking could change your business overnight. So before brainstorming your next keyword list, don’t forget to factor in some search diversity.

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