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The Best Of Digital Marketing From Around The Web 6-2-2017

There are constant opportunities to learn and grow in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. One of the most crucial ways to stay ahead of the game is by following the industry’s top thought leaders. Here we have come up with some of the best blogs from the industry leaders to help keep you up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends. Keep reading this week’s top articles and share your comments below.

How to Read Google Search Console Crawl Stats for Maximum SEO Power
There is an uncommon, but highly effective method to try out that can improve SEO through Google Search Console.  Search Console allows the user to observe their websites search appearance and search traffic. The Crawl Stats feature doesn’t get enough praise.  This feature helps the user manage their websites just by looking at three simple graphs and some numeric data.  It tells you a lot about how your site is reacting to Google’s search engine crawler.  If you’re looking to maximize your SEO, that’s important information to have.  In this article, you will learn how to use Crawl Stats to beef up your SEO.

The Facebook Algorithm Demystified: How to Optimize for News Feed Exposure
Facebook has become a huge source of advertisement for different brands and companies.  It is far too easy for your company to get lost in the overwhelming shuffle of the Facebook News Feed as thousands of other companies try to endorse and sell their brands.  However, there is a way to use the Facebook algorithm to optimize your exposure.  In this article, you’ll discover how the Facebook algorithm works, and how you can optimize your posts for maximum news feed visibility.

How to Get More Value Out of Your Video Marketing
Nowadays, anyone with a smartphone can capture a video and can become a newscaster.  The world revolves around social media and videos have become the leading source for news all over the web.  Video advertisement on Facebook has become so popular that Facebook has created a video only feed for mobile users.  Using videos will grow and expand your company’s audience and popularity.  

Mobile SEO is a Must: How to Stay Competitive in Mobile-Friendly World
Since the share of mobile traffic is growing at an increasing rate, having a good mobile version of your site is absolutely necessary. Mobile optimization of a website seems like a lot of hard work, and it is, but the benefits it provides are potentially game-changing.  In this article, you will learn the key aspects of developing a mobile website from an SEO angle.

5 Strategies to Improve your Ad Copy
Ad copy is a very important part of any online campaign.  We are given a limited number of characters to share our message and get the right users to our websites.  The rule of thumb is to make ad copy “catchy”.  If you need some ideas to make your search ads really shine, here are some tips to improve ad copy to increase conversions.

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