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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 12-08-2017

Digital marketing is changing the way new business development is performed.  This week, we have articles that contain information regarding: how digital marketing is taking over the pharmaceutical industry and how it is helping car dealers make sales.  Additionally, you will learn digital marketing trends for this Holiday season.  Nonetheless, we have included some tips that can help your business profit from smart digital marketing.  Keep reading to find out more.

How Digital Marketing is Becoming the New Pharma Sales Rep

This article is a reality check for those in a pharmaceutical sales industry.  Doctors are just as tech savvy as the rest of us and are increasingly turning down in-person sales meetings.  Doctors are frequently using technology for things such as online conferences and webinars.  Therefore it makes sense that they would communicate with pharma companies’ salespeople digitally.  Read more to find out interesting stats and why digital marketing is taking over the pharma sales rep role.

Steve Greenfield: How Dealers Can Sell Cars with Digital Marketing

The day that many people never thought would come is here. You may no longer have to go into a dealer to purchase a car.  This article contains a insightful video where Steve Greenfield sits with Joe Gumm and talks about software that helps sell cars digitally.  These software are easy to use tools for dealers to get competitor stats and make better, cost efficient vehicle decisions.

Growth Through Digital Marketing: Many Asset Managers are Still Taking Batting Practice

Financial services may not be optimizing digital marketing as they should be.  Asset managers are faced with consistently reaching the target audience and maintaining relationships.  Read this article to find out how to do so.

Five Digital Marketing Trends for the 2017 Holiday Season

The holiday season is very focused on shopping and buying gifts.  What does that mean for the retailers in the digital age?  Black Friday used to be the largest shopping day of the year. However, Cyber Monday may be taking over. With the popularity of online shopping growing at a rapid pace, we need to pay more attention to online carts.  Here are five digital marketing trends you should know for this Holiday season.  

How Startups Can Profit from Smart Digital Marketing and Metrics

Digital marketing is the best way for a small startup firm to build more awareness and a large customer base.  Consumers use social media and the internet to post statuses, review, and discuss their opinions on the products and businesses.  Most importantly, consumers are buying more products online.  Read how you can use digital marketing to boost your business.

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